#PeshawarAttack- Condemn Terrorism, US Presence & Incompetent Govt


  By Majed Iqbal- The attacks on a School in Pakistan in Peshawar which has seen over 140 slain in cold blood in a terrorist attack have shocked and appalled us all. What could drive such people to kill children in cold blood, set staff alive in front of students and to go on a […]

ASIAN EXPRESS- Rochdale Grooming Scandal & rising Islamophobia

Asian Express December Yorkshire Edition 1

By Majed Iqbal- Muslims in Rochdale, for the first time, have collectively spoken out against the rise of Islamophobia and discrimination that the town’s Muslims are facing post the Grooming scandal involving Asian men sexually exploiting young girls. In 2012, nine men of Pakistani descent were convicted and sent to prison for grooming underage white […]

VIDEO- “Grooming for Sex, Trafficking, Sexual exploitation”- Ummah Channel

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 23.17.41

British Politicians, Far right groups and national media have tried to equate Sexual exploitation and grooming of young girls for sex as an ethnicity issue, singling out Pakistani Muslims as the figures of this crime. I was invited on Ummah channel on the community platform show to dispel these myths and provide a more detailed […]

VIDEO- Rochdale Muslim Community Press Conference on Islamophobia & Grooming

Rochdale Muslim Community Event on Islamophobia

Muslims from the Rochdale Area held a community Press conference to highlight the growing trend of Islamophobia post the Grooming Scandal which hit National headlines and sparked off a national debate on the role of Asian men in using underage ‘White’ girls for sex. The cross community event was covered by National Media- BBC on […]

‘Trojan Hoax’ – Birmingham Teacher speaks out about School Extremism probe

EXCLUSIVELY writing for Asian Epxress

 By Majed Iqbal- A school teacher from one of the schools being investigated under the ‘Trojan Horse’ investigation has broken his silence. Speaking exclusively to the Asian Express, he exposes what he believes was a ‘Pre-mediated’ plan. Inam Anwar, a senior Teacher, who has worked at the school for over five years as a Head […]

VIDEO- “Is ‘Extreme/bad’ Religion leading people to leave their faith altogether?”- Ummah Channel Show

Ummah Channel Show

I was invited onto the Ummah Channel show to discuss why some maybe sceptical of Islam and trying to distance themselves away from it. We explored the following questions Is Radical Islam a factor for why People may choose to distance themselves away from Islam? Is the Western narrative of ‘Either ISIS or the west’ […]

Rochdale Grooming case revisited- Who will address ‘Generation Sex’?

No community will accept the grooming of girls for sex. It is also not a time to point figures at victims and go through a blame game. What right minded, thinking individuals should be doing is questioning the values upon which society is built and how from here they plan to safeguard those under their protection.

Muharram 1436- “New Year- New Directions”


By Majed Iqbal- Happy New year! Yes its not exactly the countdown at the New years eve do with people partying around looking forward to the 1st January and the 2015 new year. The Islamic Month of Muharram will be kicking in this week  and yes, this is OUR new year to wake up to today.

BBC Radio Show- “What should Britain do with returning Jihadists”

I was invited onto BBC Radio Manchester to discuss “What should Britain do with returning Jihadists” on Mike Sweeney’s Morning Show Participants for the debate were Haras Rafiq (Quilliam Foundation) Nasir Hafezi (Solicitor) Majed Iqbal (Blogger)

#TWEETDECK- Theresa May’s Proposals on Tackling ‘Extremism’

British Home Secretary, Theresa May has unveiled new plans to tackle ‘Extremism’ in Britain. It’s no surprise that it targets the Muslim community specifically and remains so open that anyone could be caught in the net, simply for even thinking about certain ideas. Majed’s Blog provides some insight with thought-provoking tweets on the issue to […]