COMMENT- Maria Miller isn’t the Problem, its the Political System!

By Majed Iqbal- Over the last week, Culture Secretary Maria Miller has come under fire as once again another MP expenses saga is disclosed. This time amounting to a staggering £45,000 claimed for housing. Evidently, we have a public and a media who are furious and rightly so. Taxpayers money being used for MP’s personal […]

“The Rise of the Far-Right”- Ummah Channel Show (15 mins)

The Rise of the Far Right- Ummah Channel Special Show

I was invited onto Ummah Channel, a popular UK-based Satellite Channel, on the community platform Show to discuss the Growth of Far-right parties across Europe and their implications for us as a Muslim Communities living in the West.

COMMENT- Put the System on trial! Not just Musharraf

By Majed Iqbal- Musharraf’s trial this week bought much attention as he vehemently tried to defend himself against the title of ‘Ghadaar’ (traitor), the worst label a Politician or a ruler could be labeled whilst or after serving office. Musharraf boasted about his tenure served  in the Army, his participation in the Kargil operation against India, […]

TWEETDECK- #3March1924

Yesterday marked a significant day in the Calender for the Muslim world. 3rd March 1924 is the symbolic date when implementation of Islamic law at state level came to end at the head quarters for the International Khilafah State in Turkey. A twitter storm was organised last night to commemorate this day and to renew the Ummah’s efforts […]

POEM- ’3/3′

By Poet 786 That was the day we shall remember forever When they said the Giant will arise again never When the skies over the Ummah became clouded When the Qur’an was in a dark cloth shrouded The light of the world was now extinguished The darkness could no longer be distinguished They claimed the […]

#ReleaseMoazzam Protest Pictures

Todays protest was attended by a wide range of people in Birmingham in support of Moazzam Begg who was arrested and charged on a flimsy premise of supporting Syrians with Aid and exposing the UK Government’s & M15′s role in rendition and torture outsourced to the Syrian regime under Assad

JUMAH KHUTBA- 3rd march 1924- A Historic Day

Sultan Abdul Hamid

By Majed Iqbal- Insha’allah you are all in the best state of health and Imaan. Please take time to send durood (salutations) upon the Prophet ﷺ (Allah’s peace and blessings be be upon him), especially on the Day of Jum’ah. Abu Hurayrah (ra) may Allah be pleased with him narrated Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, “The person who recites eighty times on […]

TWEET DECK- “Moazzam Begg Arrest”

A leading Muslim activist, Moazzam Begg was arrested yesterday dubiously by West Midlands Police under ‘suspicions’ of Terrorism. The ex-Guantanomo detainee has had a massive response and show of support from the Muslim community so far. Majed’s Blog responded too in defence and tweeted the following "Four Britons Held Over 'Syria-Linked Terrorism'" @moazzambegg is detained […]

Maajid Nawaz Twitter Fury- Ummah Channel Show (6mins)

Martyr for Freedom?

I was invited onto Ummah Channel, a UK-based satellite Station, on the ‘Community Platform Show’, to discuss the recent insulting incident where a Muslim standing up for elections as MP tweeted a picture which Muslims found offensive.

COMMENT- Blair absolves responsibility of creating an unsafer world, again

By Majed Iqbal- Tony Blair has continued to argue his case that Radical Islam or extremist Religious interpretation as he recently put it, is the fundamental cause for world conflicts. Blairs comments appeared in the Observer Newspaper in reference to the conflict in Syria and its spillover in neighbouring countries. Blair said “There is one […]