Ramadhan Reminders- Days 1-10

Check out Majed's Blog Ramadhan reminders for the first 10 days of this blessed month, available on Instagram and Twitter … [Read More...]


TWEETDECK- #PeshawarAttack- Condemn Terrorism, US Presence & Incompetent Govt

  By Majed Iqbal- The attacks on a School in Pakistan in Peshawar which has seen over 140 slain in cold blood in a terrorist attack have shocked and appalled us all. What could drive such … [Read More...]

Asian Express December Yorkshire Edition 1

ASIAN EXPRESS- Rochdale Grooming Scandal & rising Islamophobia

By Majed Iqbal- Muslims in Rochdale, for the first time, have collectively spoken out against the rise of Islamophobia and discrimination that the town’s Muslims are facing post the Grooming scandal … [Read More...]

STATEMENT- Rochdale Muslim Community on release without charge of Rochdale Family

The following is a statement submitted to Majed’s blog from members of the Rochdale Muslim community including Teachers, Businessmen, Solicitors, Healthcare professionals and Community activists that … [Read More...]

Jawaab TV Debate in Manchester

Jawaab Debates- “Pakistani Caste System Biradiri Kinship” (Part 1)

I was invited by Jawaab TV, a youth movement based in Uk which describes itself as "A movement of grassroots voices. Campaigning towards a world free of social oppression, xenophobia and inequality" … [Read More...]

ASIAN EXPRESS- Twins have the ‘Urban-Nasheed’ Factor

 By Majed Iqbal- Meet Nabeel Hussain and Aqeel Hussain – two Birmingham-based twin brothers who have made an explosive  entry into the world of chart topping music, but with a distinct … [Read More...]

EXPOSED- Cameron & Theresa May’s Agenda on ‘Tackling Extremism’

The new Tory Government has decided to act on full speed to execute plans on 'Tackling extremism' before even its opponents could even recover from the hangover of the recent Election results. In full … [Read More...]

Niqab Debate Highlights- Ummah Channel Show

Ummah Channel UK did a 3 day special surrounding the discussions on the Niqab which recently resurfaced again. I was invited as a guest on Day 1 to … [Read More...]

BBC Big Questions

BBC Big Questions Appearance on EDL and Grooming

I participated on BBC’s ‘Big Questions’ earlier in April this year, a flagship program which addresses current issues from a moral, ethical and … [Read More...]

“Rohingya Muslims- How do we respond?” Ummah Channel Show

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4SArQn19oY I was invited onto the Ummah Channel, a UK based Islamic Satellite Channel to discuss the recent … [Read More...]


ITV News Report Appearance- Shafelia Ahmed Trial Verdict

ITV News visited Rochdale to find out the views of young Pakistani's on the Shafelia Ahmed Honour killing Case. The term 'honour' was discussed and … [Read More...]

DM Show

DM Question Time- Youth Debate: Pak-US Relations

Majed was invited to the second part of a Youth Debate Show on the issues surrounding Pakistan today on the UK Based Pakistani Channel, DM … [Read More...]

Sky News Interview

SKY News Interview on Bhutto Assassination

In light of the current events in Pakistan with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Sky news visited Rochdale to ascertain the views of young … [Read More...]