TWEETDECK- Looking into the #ParisAttacks

The tragic and horrific events that occurred in Paris have deeply moved people around the globe. The incidents in which 129 people were callously murdered in cold blood whilst on their routine daily … [Read More...]

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Just for the record!

The day of Jumah is full of forgiveness and Allah's Mercy.  How can it be black? Muslims are reminded that life is not limited to this one. So don't walk the earth arrogantly and with pride. Are we being sold the usual pack of lies? "Lord Prescott says Tony Blair's 'bloody crusades' radicalised Muslims"

Telegraph Newspaper (March 2015) This is what the headline SHOULD have been today for the Sun Newspaper instead of "1 in 5 Brit Muslims sympathy for Jihadis" published yesterday. An Important message. For muslims this would translate as" "If today was your last day, would you be happy to meet your Lord and finish this life on a positive note?" The plain truth? 
#syrianrefugees #refugeeswelcome #ParisAttacks were bad just like all of those atrocities where thousands have been maimed and slaughtered in #syria #pakistan #somalia #iraq #afghanistan #burma #myanamar #palestine 
Will you be principled enough to stand up for all of these? Saw this dude in Manchester Piccadilly gardens. Interesting guy!