Britney SHEARS in Trouble

Britney SHEARS- Capitalism is bad for your health dear!

By Majed Iqbal- Just last weekend the world was exposed to yet another tantrum of celebrity misfits; once again it was Britney Spears who came to the limelight, but with the least expected behaviour. Earlier last week she was reported checking into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads rehab clinic in Antigua before checking herself out 24 hours later.

She flew back to Los Angeles ‘economy class’ on American Airlines and immediately drove to a hair salon and demanded that staff shave her head. When they refused, she picked up some clippers and did it herself

There are increasing fears that the shocking new look from the singer is the latest stage in an escalating pattern of wild behaviour that resembles a breakdown. The incident has grasped attention internationally with internet sites, blogs and news stations, each attempting to present an ‘explanation’ of the ‘unexplained’ incident.

Gurus, psychologists, mentors have all tried to give their indepth analysis as to the mental state of the fallen former “pop diva”.Once lauded as a teenage role model for her vows to maintain her virginity until she married, she is now better known for her increasingly disturbing stunts. She was renowned as a smart businesswoman who built up an £80m fortune; she now faces a financial challenge from her estranged husband, who is seeking half her wealth in a divorce under Californian law.

Britney Spears is not the only famous icon who has been involved in such imaginative incidents dubbed as signs of depression. Ruby Wax, Mariah Carey, Stephen Fry, Stan Collymore, Paul Gascoigne, Robbie Williams; all have had their fair share of the same dosage, whilst many other celebrities showing similar signs have yet not professed, being mindful of their showbiz ratings.

Western Society, in general is spiraling into chaotic behaviour. With maxims like ”eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die” or ”live for today” or ”you only live once” have all have become common explanations of motivations for leading lives.

Anxiety, often referred to as the ‘mid-life crisis’ is when people realise that they simply do the same thing day after day, week after week and year after year. Britney’s achievements at such a young age of 25 have reached unimaginable heights. Fame, stardom, money, exposure, celebrity status, Number one chart hits, marriage, children; but whats left now?

Unfortunately, Western consumer societies (Capitalism) offer no solution to this, apart from marketing a ‘new’ multi-million industry to tackle ‘depression’. No attempt is made to re-structure people’s lives who in their blind search to fill the voids in life are experimenting with anything and everything they can. The way “filling the void” manifests itself in people will vary but the underlying problem is the same, it may be drug abuse or the pursuit of fame and fortune.

Islam offers an intellectual basis, which is built on a conviction in the Creator, Allah (swt). When faced with calamity, the Muslim would feel pain or sorrow, as would any human being. However, it would not ordinarily push him towards the depths of despair or depression. This is because Islam has lifted the burden of material failure in this life from the Muslim.

The understanding of Qadaa’ (fate), Rizq (sustenance) and Ajal (lifespan) give solace to the Muslim that wealth, health, life, family and those calamities that occurred from outside his control are all from Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) will not account him in these issues. So if Allah (swt) was to reduce or remove any of these provisions, then the Muslim would accept this with patience and understand that this is from his Lord (swt).

Britney Spears is in real need to address the balance of this life with the next. Only the convincing concepts of the origin of life, what you live for, and what happens after death can only resolve the crisis being faced by her.

So Britney, Capitalism will only you dump you once you pass your sell by date. It’s seriously bad for your health. A polite request from me; please check out Islam and may God bless your soul.


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