The “PEACE” Maker?

The “PEACE” Maker?

By Maqsood Ahmed (ROCHDALE)

No doubt most of you are absolutely flabbergasted but not surprised that Tony Blair has landed the job of peace envoy to the Middle East. With So much blood on his hands can Tony Blair really wear the gloves of The Peace Maker?

His track record shows that he’s never really been interested in peace. He’s been more interested in “getting a piece”. He backed the immoral war in Iraq to ensure UK didn’t miss out on any deals, he also continues to champion the misadventure in Afghanistan, he remained silent when Lebonan was being flattened.Some would say he’s had a lot of experience in the Middle East – after all he has had holidays and summits in Sharm-el-Sheikh, he’s “done deals” with the Saudi’s before, he’s hosted Jordan at 10 Downing St., (that’s the King of Jordan). Surely, he’s gotta be the man for the job!

He’s a man that calls for democracy, but won’t support the will of the Palestinian people in their choice of leadership. He’ll have cordial relationships with people who are known to torture their citizens. He sells fighter jets to India whilst urging peace with it’s neighbour.

Surley, he’s the wrong man for the job!

OKAY – Who else could do it?

It’s not about the man, it’s about the agenda and the will, and neither can bring REAL PEACE at this time!


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