The community in Rochdale was presented with an opportunity to key into the many discussions that have taken place in Government circles, Press, Television and in the Muslim community. Over 70 people attended the event to understand the current political environment in which the Muslim community is being subjected to plans, demands and orders and what practical actions the Muslim community in Rochdale can do to present their side of the story.

Keynote speaker, Mehboob Ali, member of Hizb-ut-tahrir explained that Khilafah (caliphate) are dear to the Muslims as they embody the application of Shariah in Muslim lands. When Muslims look at the Muslim worlds problems of corruption, poverty, economic mis-management, political in-fighting, occupation by foreign powers, and corrupt rulers financed and backed by the west, they realise that only the Islamic Political system can resolve their problems.

The Muslim world remembers Iraq as the cradle of civilization, Spain as the Flower of Europe, and Cairo as the centre for educational excellence- These achievements were due to the Islamic ideology under the Khilafah state.However, this call is being muddied by Governments, politicians and Media- trying to equate the Call for Khilafah with Terrorism and Extremism.

Mehboob detailed Islam’s rejection of using violence to achieve political objectives and that states like America fit the picture of using terrorism more than anyone else. Mehboob highlighted attempts by the British government to link extremism to the Muslim community when in fact it was British Foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan which has been the key motivator for violence.

Mehboob explained how Hizb-ut-tahrir’s call is based on Islam which promotes Political Activism to change the state of Affairs in the Muslim World. He argued the case of why the West does not allow the Muslim world to decide its own political destiny is primarily to do with interests like resources, gas, oil, gold or strategic interests.

Mehboob encouraged everyone to participate in the work to aid the re-establishment of the khilafah in the Muslim world.

The event finished with the audience engaging with the each other and having a look at the stall material and literature.

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