ROCHDALE at the Khilafah Conference

Early morning on Saturday, just after fajr (morning prayer), 55 men and women, some young and some old. some educated and some…………………more educated…….gathered together to set off for the much awaited Khilafah Conference in London. There were plenty of discussions circulating in Rochdale about the importance of such an event after 3000 flyers had been distributed 2 weeks earlier at Jumah (Friday prayers) and in the evenings in the various areas of Rochdale.

Hence there was healthy debate surrounding the conference on the journey on what the Government means when it talks about Extremism; Is the concept of khilafah (Caliphate) extreme? Is Political Islam which calls for the Muslim world to be shaped on its beliefs, History and Islamic legacy non-negotiable in todays era? Are political movements working for the aspirations of Millions in the Muslim world in any way a threat to anybody? Does the government believe that Islam is outdated and non-applicable? How can the Government Praise Islamic History but actively work to distort its re-application in the Muslim World by labeling it as unfit to “Global values”?

With these questions in mind as well as questions to do with how the Caliphate state will deal with building a healthy economy, eradicating Corruption, dealing with Minorities, Foreign policy, International trade, transfer of Technology, Education, Womens rights, tackling international Institutions like IMF and the World Bank, and a whole array of other questions; The Rochdale participants planned to get some serious answers.

Further coverage, audio, pictures and videos can be found by clicking here.


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