ROCHDALE SISTERS air their views with Media

More than half of the participants at Sunday, 4th August’s conference on Khilafah in London were women. The press took note of this as their diet of thoughts on Islam, women and Political/social life were marred and shaped through western liberal insight which often depicts muslim women as voiceless and victims of male patriarchy. Rochdale sisters made the following statements which appeared in the International Herald tribune, New York times and the BBC.

“Some of the most ardent adherents to the party’s ideas about a caliphate were expressed by women. Rubina Ahmed, 33, a mother of four who came on a charter bus from Manchester (should be Rochdale!!!), said,

“It’s the in-depthness of the caliphate that I like.” Hizb ut-Tahrir “doesn’t compromise on the values of Islam, and it’s not afraid to speak out for what it wants,” she said. “

“Neela, a London-born woman now living in Rochdale, was one of those who sympathised.

“What you will find with Muslims is that we have a global identity, we share the same relief. It’s not about me being a Muslim in Britain and she’s a Muslim in Palestine, she is still my sister. When I see Iraq happening, I feel sad.”

“There is no one taking account of British and American foreign policy for what it is actually doing to Muslim lands. ”

“When we look at the solution of the caliphate, we’re saying enough is enough, Muslims in the Muslim world should be allowed to choose their own political destiny. If it’s Sharia law, that’s their right.” “

Links: Rubinas comments Neelas Comments

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