NO to Government Agendas in Rochdale By Majed Iqbal

It has been months since the Government flashed out its new agenda for the Muslim community in the guise of re-structuring madrassahs with the teaching of a British version of Islam. Despite millions being poured in to win the ‘Hearts and Minds’ battle within the Muslim community, success has been minimal.

Gordon Brown, shortly after his inaugration re-championed the cause promising £32 Million in investment for next year on this very project and praising the launch of the Nasiha project in its pilot area, Bradford . Rochdale was allocated £100,000 by government to tackle the causes of ‘Violent Extremism’ , which again is the principle concept behind issuing this new curriculum for Masjids.

The clickable documents found above are all the organisations, institutions, groups and prominent individuals from Bradford who rejected the Government project and showed concern at the motivation behind the idea. However, on TV, through the press, and hand-picked Muslim personnel, the picture trying to be painted out is one of success and amazing results. The Documents are a proof of the rejection of the Government Plan, in the pilot area from grasroots organisations and individuals. If this is the case in the pilot area, what credibility does it have elsewhere?Key personalities like Mufti Mohammed Zubair Butt, Shariah Advisor, Institute of Islamic Jurispudence from Bradford was un-equivocal in his stance in the dispatches program on working on such government Initiatives. Unfortunately, Personalities on the same program from Rochdale had other views which were unrepresentative and lacked any real credibilty in thought. The reason simply being is a blind following of the British Governments Agenda, as witnessed in their support and backing and as outlined by many commentators.

There is no intellectual reasoning for such projects and should not in any way be transalated into the Masaajid and community of Rochdale. It is this path which will trigger off a divide in the Muslim community and will work to our own detriment, but will score major political points for the Government in its steps to tackle its phoney War on Terror.


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