NAWAZ SHARIF’S return to Pakistan

NAWAZ SHARIF’S return to PakistanBites with no Teeth!

By Majed Iqbal

“This man Musharraf is on his way out. No one should try to rescue him. If a deal is struck between Benazir Bhutto and Mr Musharraf, it will not serve the cause of restoring democracy to Pakistan. We will be launching a movement against Mr Musharraf and his government. We will fight a battle on the streets, in court and everywhere. This will be a defining moment in Pakistan’s history.”

These were the words echoed by Nawaz Sharif yesterday speaking in London, condemning the President, who ousted him as prime minister in 1999 and then sent him into exile in Saudi Arabia.
Its not only Sharif who seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of utilising the changing dynamics in Pakistan to suit his meager political interests. Just like Sharif, Benazir has also banked and took advantage of the anti-Musharraf climate fostered by the lawyers’ movement which erupted in March and a Supreme Court which after immense soul searching has found its bite; all of which has caused nightmares to Musharraf and his coterie.Both ousted ex-Prime Ministers Parties’ have contributed little to the change in the recent Political dynamics but yet seem to be championing to be the voices of Pakistan- the true liberators from a tyrannical regime that stands contrary to the principles of a free, democratic and anti-corruption state. Easier said than done; especially after looking back at both candidates tenure over the1990’s decade which was plagued with corruption, meddling of finances and no real progress for the country.

Both political parties have aimed to maximize a political profit from this situation feeding on the carcass brought down by the lawyers and the judiciary; in this respect emulating the conduct of the jackal who feeds on prey hunted by others. This only clearly highlights such peoples abdication from their own political responsibilities in a country which requires serious focus and direction.

On the other side, those advocating today that it is only the Judiciary protecting the rule of law and the spirit of democracy in Pakistan today must be questioned; where was the Supreme Court when the President violated “national” interests by allowing America to use its entire country as a launch pad for fighting the “War on terror” through the use of air bases, logistical support, and military camps and exposing the population to American intelligence agencies?

How has the judiciary been protecting the rule of law when the President was violating basic rights by locking up Political opponents, silencing Media and kidnapping journalists?

Where has the Supreme Court been in the last 10 years, where the constitution has been scrapped, trampled over and the rule of law seen to be virtually non-existent?

Any sincere observer of events in Pakistan would conclude that no politician in Pakistan has ever championed a vision to put the country on the right track- with the people’s interest first- with solving the eating dilemmas of roti, kapra and makaan (food, shelter, clothing).

When approached on Benazir’s return to Pakistan, Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said: “This is going to be good for everyone and now Ms Bhutto will fight against terrorism and extremism alongside Gen Musharraf.”Unfortunately, politics in Pakistan is little to do with looking after the interest of the country and more to appeasing the masses with a puppet road show to quench the Political grievances of 160 million people with Musharraf and America’s interference in the region.Nawaz Sharifs lyrics on this being “a defining moment in Pakistan’s history”, has some substance, but not as seen through his spectacles. The Pakistani people have opened up to the idea that the system itself is rife with fractures, patch solutions, loopholes and open for abuse and exploitation.

PICTURE ABOVE- Roaring … Nawaz Sharif supporters in Lahore use a lion to symbolise their leader


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