Nawaz Sharif discusses with Al -Jazeera News his grieviences with the current Political climate in Pakistan. He argues that we no longer need “uniform democracy”; a far cry from his own “sham” democracy of the 1990’s. Nawaz says he doesn’t believe in an outside force telling the nation what to do and what not to do. But as far as my memory recalls it was on the instructions of Bill Clinton in 1999, the then American president on whose orders Nawaz Sharif withdrew the Paksitani forces from Kargil who had re-gained territory in Kashmir but were humilated later with a withdrawal from their then Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

Such politicians believe that the nations they aspire to serve have short memories and will forget past issues in order to work together for the future. Then i must say, Politicians like Nawaz Sharif And Benazir are dis-illusioned from the thoughts circulating in their own country about them. How then can these aristocrats be taken seriously to govern the masses in that region?

Click here to watch Video


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