Scottish Actor Atta Yaqub, star of Ken Loach’s controversial film A Fond Kiss, goes on a journey to discover the cosmopolitan city of Karachi in Pakistan. Immersing himself in the glamorous world of super models and slick TV shows, he finds his misconceptions about the country his parents came from challenged.
Atta questions himself on who is ahead of time; Pakistan or Britain. His questions and astonishment within the documentary are understandable as what he sees is only a mirror of President Musharraf’s philosophy of “Enlightened Moderation” and of his understanding of a progressive Islamic identity which is suitable to operate within the international norms and customs which the rest of the world is treading on.

But do these views shown in the documentary that only permeate in the marginal elite of Pakistan resonate, in any way, with the rest of the 160 million population of the country ? Do such ideals displayed in the programme reflect the cultural backdrop and rich and deep History of the region? Is only the Western model of life worthy of emulation despite its social, Political and economic ills witnessed on the streets of Capitals of Western Nations?Click on the links to watch Part 2 and Part 3 of the documentary.


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