Ramadhan Messages- Week 1


The Messenger of Allah (saw) Said: “The believers, in their mutual love, compassion and mercy, are like one body; if one part of it is suffering, the rest of the parts of the body join it in its fever and sleeplessness”The month of Ramadan is one of unity amongst the 1.5 Billion Muslims around the world. A month where differences and disputes are put aside for a collective display of Taqwah and Iman. From Dawn until Dusk hundreds of Millions of Muslims from Pakistan to Egypt, from Uzbekistan to Indonesia and beyond will fast for no other reason but to worship Allah (swt).

This is the true essence of Islam, the unity of the Muslim Ummah as one. This Unity must not end on the day of Eid but be implemented in reality in the world, though the implementation of Islam in the Muslim world. True unity can only be achieved with the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafah.
Click on the picture on the left for the URDU Transalated version of the Ramadhan Message for this week. This will be distributed this week outside various Masaajid around Rochdale after Salaat-ul-Taraweeh, opening up the discussion on what TRUE unity really means.


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