The SAD SIGHT of Muslim Youth during Ramadhan (Rochdale)

By Mohammed Imran

Asalaamualaikum, I am sorry to have to share this with you during the blessed month of Ramadhan. While doing security outside Neeli Mosque I was thinking it has been a quieter a time this Ramdhan in regards to misbehaving youth especially after the Gang fighting from last year but then I read something like this.

“Jean Ashworth has slammed Rochdale Police following a call she made about a group of between 30 and 40 Asian youths she witnessed smashing a car up on Woodbine Street on Sunday evening (30 September).

The car had been abandoned in the street two weeks ago and Councillor Ashworth had reported it last week when there was very little damage to it other than a dent on the drivers side. However, the car was still in the same place when she took her grandson home last night and she saw that the front window had been smashed.

Later in the evening she witnessed youths running down the road hurtling bricks through all of the windows, she immediately telephoned 999, and was given a log number, and went outside to hear the youths saying they were coming back to “torch it” at 9.15pm. Councillor Ashworth telephoned 999 again and asked for an immediate police response as the large gang were “really intimidating”.

Councillor Ashworth said: “It was a really frightening situation, I stood outside as my car was parked opposite. Two police officers arrived and were quite shocked to see the large number of youths and also the amount of damaged caused to the car. I expressed my concern and asked if the car would be removed, they said they didn’t know and had to wait for instructions from headquarters.

The officers left the scene at 10.25pm without any confirmation the car would be removed.Councillor Ashworth said in response: “I am furious at the police, the car should have been removed.”

Then again maybe I should not be surprised as I also see in the mosque youngsters being kicked out because they misbehave during Tarawih. They claim then they have nothing else to do so it leads to activity like vandalism and fighting. Unfortunately this does not show us in a good light. While we sit in the mosque praying Tarwih outside our youngsters are causing havoc. You may say I am being over dramatic and this is just a one off case or even a slur just to make us look bad. Personally I believe there is a problem.

Is it not our duty as Muslims to work towards a better society starting with building a better community. How can we do that by letting this go on. There is an idea which I do have to say was discussed in a few circles last year but nothing ever accounted from it. Street team during Tarawih time. This would involve a number of small groups of brothers walking and driving around their respective local neighbourhoods. Milkstone, Deeplish, Newbold, Wardle, Spotland. By doing this as a start we can be looking after our neighbourhood by having a presence. More importantly we can also engage with those who are walking around. By speaking to the young brothers who are walking around we can chat to them about what’s going on, what they are doing and what others are doing.

Who knows this little bit of Dawah could help them and in turn help our community. Maybe this can be trailed in the last week of Ramadhan this year and if it works we can fully implement next year. I would rather this happen than the police to get involved and leave the youngsters with nothing else than a record and an ego.

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