RELEASED October 12, 2007

Omar Metwally in New Line Cinema's Rendition

The War on Terror has allowed Many states in the world to introduce draconian, in-humane, distasteful, un-thinkable and previously illegal measures to combat the rise of “terrorism”. Already thousands of Muslims internationally have become victims of ‘Extra-ordinary Rendition’- being taken away to secret locations in client countries of western states for torture and confession.

The Movie “Rendition” closely examines the relationship of America who outsources torture of an American Citizen who is Muslim, to a Middle Eastern country where all forms of brutality are legitimate to make prisoners speak and confess to statements which are given in duress and compulsion.

The movie raises questions on the moral and legal legitimacy of these actions. Is violence the answer to further violence? How can Powerful states talk about winning hearts and minds of nations when it uses such tactics on mostly innocent people ‘suspected’ of ‘Terrorism’ based on flimsy evidence?

We must not forget that Britain is also complicit in aiding America in this cause as was widely reported last year with the use of secret jails located in Europe. The concept of the movie has huge implications for muslims livingin Britain too and should be the subject of discussion and debate with the wider society.

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