Schwarzenegger- Its only a leaf!!

By Majed Iqbal- Hollywood star turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again in the news. But this time ,not for his handling of the fire-rage sweeping away in his constituency but for defending something from his past. The actor turned Governer suggested that cannabis is not a drug. Schwarzenegger was pictured smoking marijuana in his 70s bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron.


But he said in an interview: “I didn’t take any drugs. “When told that he had admitted to smoking marijuana, Mr. Schwarzenegger replied: “That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” Mr. Schwarzenegger seems to share similar experiences with Tory leader David Cameron, who met recently to discuss green issues and who also like Schwarzenegger refused to comment on his stint with drugs during his university life. This may explain Schwarzenegger’s position on refusing to condemn politicians who took drugs, saying it was not necessarily a matter of public interest.

“A politician’s job is to do what’s best for the people and to improve the country, the economy, the environment. Why should I care if a politician takes sleeping pills every night so long as he can do his job?”

Such views seem to have been gaining some form of support in the last couple of years from the UK government and from a whole range of politicians. Statistics state that Seven out of ten crimes are drugs related according to one Home Office study. Governments figures also show that over a third of adults have used illegal drugs at some point in their lives.

Hence we are dealing with a major societal issue which has repercussions for us all, whether directly in our local community in Rochdale through the drug pushing dealers or indirectly if any friend, family or relative has fallen victim to this problem. Surprisingly, Government and Politicians, rather than offering remedies to combat the menace have instead become the articulators for the legalisation of drugs. The pragmatism in politics has shows its true ugly face. ‘Alcohol is a drug and legal so why can’t heroin? Legalising drugs and regulating its sale will reduce crime. Prohibition does not work’ ‘It is impractical to police the current drug laws’

These are just some of the solutions being offered over the years which exemplify mans inability to objectively legislate with its contradictory laws mandated in the statute books. Alcohol is legal, but cocaine is not. Polygamy is illegal but adultery is not. The age of consent for sex in Britain is 16 whilst in Mexico its 14. Britain believes in liberalising drink laws so as to avoid binge drinking. France on the other hand believes in tightening its laws. A thing legal in one country is illegal in another. The same thing in the same place may be illegal at one time and then legal at another time. Since man is influenced by his environment, his pronouncements are relative and never objective.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments therefore come as no surprise as the mind wonders in exploring ideas beyond their own scope. Islam offers laws that are revelation- not from the mind of man- Hence laws do not fluctuate, change or amend with the passing of time. Allah says in the Quran; It may be that you hate something and it is good for you and it may be that you likesomething and it is bad for you, Allah knows and you do not know. (TMQ 2:216)


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