Why the situation in Pakistan ‘matters’ to US & UK

It has now been nearly two weeks since Musharraf imposed the emergency in Pakistan. The state of affairs has been widely reported through the international press as being an internal problem within Pakistan. However, closer examination reveals that the situation in Pakistan was staged managed by the US and the UK in light of maintaining Musharrafs grip on the nation and prolonging his Presidency.

These events occurred a day after Admiral William J. Fallon, head of US Central Command met with Musharraf and other leaders. The talks were kept secret but on the 5th November 2007, the Guardian newspaper revealed that in a phone call, Musharraf had discussed emergency rule with Prime Minister Gordon Brown the night before he declared the state of emergency.

The report said: “A Musharraf aide told the Guardian that the Pakistani president had ‘satisfied’ objections raised by Mr Brown during the conversation. ‘There was pressure from the US and Britain in the beginning. But later on, when the government gave them the detail that elections will be held on time, and the president will take off his uniform, they did not have any objections,’ the official said.”

The Gallup report investigates why Pakistan is an area of strategic importance to America. The report should also highlight concerns for muslims of Pakistan who are witnessing an ever increasing American interference in the region with even talk of deploying American troops within the country. Muslims of Pakistan require independence again, this time from the American Raj. Musharraf and Benazir, alongside the plethora of other Political parties in Pakistan have been unsuccessful in promising this future. It is high time Khilafah is set on the agenda of over 165 millon muslims in Pakistan.


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