Musharraf- Foreign interests over National interests

Musharraf steps down as Chief of Army Staff

Musharraf stepped down from Cheif of army staff yesterday and was sworn in today as The President of the country by his hand picked Judges from the Supreme court. His previous post was handed over to Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, 55, a former head of Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, another loyalist to Musharraf.

So what has changed? More power to Musharraf as President. What has not changed? Musharrafs subservience to America and its plans for Pakistan which he has orchestrated on Pakistani terrain.

Once again, Leaders like Musharraf have not learnt from History on allying themselves with Foreign powers from the rest of the muslim world. His cliency to America is so dear that he even was prepared to leave the Army; one which has served for over 40 years to bow down to American dictates and execute Americam led policies in the region.

What is the “shelf life” of such an agent? Maybe he should consult Nawaz Sharif


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