Review of Rageh Omars Al Jazeerah Report on Swat- Pakistan


Rageh describes some of the numerous challenges that Pakistan is currently facing with emphasis on the the Pakistani army’s major offensive in the Swat valley, against what is described as “supporters of a radical local cleric”.

Gunship helicopters and heavy guns were used against mountain positions and hideouts of the “militants” in the area as the army plans to “regain” control of the area and its towns. According to the army, up to 220 fighters and 50 soldiers have been killed in just the past two weeks whilst also forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

Rageh fails to deliberate on what has caused not only the people in swat valley, but the judges, lawyers movement, civil society, and the masses in Pakistan to turn against the army and its operations nationwide. Rageh also fails to highlight any linkage to the war on terror and how Pakistan is being used as a client state to execute policies of America in the region.

So should there be any surprise to the rising resentment amongst the 160 million Muslims of that nation? As an alternative analysis, can this operation be Musharraf’s next Lal Masjid parade to distract the country from the real political and leadership mess which he, his government and Western Backers are fully responsible for.

The people, not just in Swat, but the whole of Pakistan require fundamental ideals to be restored- Rule of Law, Independence of Judiciary, Justice, Economic and Political sovereignty, and the privilege to lead their countries own destiny. I ask you all- Doesn’t Islam guarantee all of these ideals? So why not work for them? Why not call for khilafah?


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