Rochdales PUBLIC Debate and Discussion on Extremism

Rochdale finally lands it first public cross panel Discussion and Debate in a Question Time Format on the topic of Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community. This well publicised event, organised by Majed’s Blog will tread on covering a whole range of issues related to the current political Climate.

Forum Event

Saturday 9th February 2008- 6pm- Castlemere Community Centre

Click on Image to see the poster for the EVENT

The event will pose these issues to the panelists- Paul Rowen MP (Lib Dems) and Ali Khan (Hizb ut-Tahrir) who will endeavour to tackle these pressing issues. Oppurtunities will also be offered to the audience to raise their questions and comments and engage with the invited panelists.

The Forest Gate episode, shooting of Charles de Menezes, millions of pounds being invested by the government into the Muslim community, fingers pointed at the alleged failure of mosques, threats of banning non-violent Islamic groups, Media frenzy in the shape of press coverage, documentaries and TV shows, as well as the recent stigmatising of Rochdale Central (Idara) Mosque in the Policy exchange document titled “The Hijacking of British Islam”- All these factors have raised huge debate and discussion in the Rochdale community from all quarters- Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Join in the accross the board community discussion at the event by attending on 9th February 2008 at Castlemere Community Centre at 6pm. Everyone is Welcome.

Further details of the event can be obtained by contacting 07968 107409.


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