Sadiq Khan MP- A Usual Suspect?

By Majed Iqbal- “For people to feel confident in the police and security service we need to know what has happened.” These were the words of Sadiq Khan, MP for tooting involved in a scenario where he was bugged on visiting a Prisoner.

The Sunday Times reported that Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist squad eavesdropped on conversations and covertly recorded during prison visits made in 2005 and 2006 between Khan and Babar Ahmad, a childhood friend of the MP who has campaigned against his extraditionand curently faces deportation to the United States, at Woodhill prison, Milton Keynes.

The table used for the meeting is reported to have contained hidden microphones. Questions are now looming as to whether the bugging operation was authorised by the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith or Sir Ian Blair, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

It seems that the distrust the government, Political parties as well as the police has is not limited to the Muslim community at large but now extends even to those Muslim individuals who have dedicated their life in the political process only to be bitten by the same hand that has fed them.

Astonishing is the least of words that one can express here- How can an elected member of Parliament be treated a in such a way when there is absolutely no evidence of wrong doing. Even more surprising is that Sadiq Khan proposed and voted for the current draconian 28 days detention without trial, the longest period in any western European country.

With such a backdrop to the case, is it surprising to see widespread Political apathy amongst millions in the UK who witness politicians playing with rules, breaking rules, not declaring expenses, MP’s giving high waged salary jobs to work in their offices to their own families, Lieing about going to Iraq, working for the interests of businesses who provide ‘donations’ to parties and a whole plethora of other Political ills?

With distrust already sky high over the blunders of the shooting of Charles de Menezes, the failed Forest Gate Raids, threats of banning peaceful Islamic political groups without any evidence, forcing a ‘branded’ curriculum for Mosques and cordial relationships with Dictators as witnessed this month with Musharraf in the UK, who would want to engage in British Politics?


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