Press Coverage of Rochdale Extremism Dialogue Event Advertisement

Rochdale has whole heartedly embraced the much awaited event titled “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community” which is to be staged this Saturday. The Event has been well advertised by various newspapers as well as interest shown by a Digital Television Channel to cover it for its news items. The folowing newspapers have covered the story so far.

Click on the images to go straight to the Articles written about the event organised through Majed’s Blog.

Asian News Rochdale Asian imageobserver.jpg

The event has had very good publicity in the community. Over 1000 flyers were distributed on Friday after the Friday prayers in various mosques which were greeted with great pleasure from everyone. People felt a sense of enthusiasm that finally on a public level a discussion of such a nature where the community can participate is taking place in Rochdale.

Posters have been placed in shops, Community Centres, Cash and Carries where once again the people working at these places expressed great joy when the idea of the event was presented to them. We all look forward to an evening of vibrant discussion on a topic which is gaining immense attention from Politicians, Media and Government.

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