My battle with Cancer- Living with the spirit of Passion

By Yasmeen Ahmed- On Thursday 28th February I was given some news that is likely to drastically change my life for a considerable amount of time…I was diagnosed with breast cancer (Alhamdullilah).

I was due to go into theatre on Friday 7th March to undergo a masectomy, and after a recovery period I would have had 6 months of chemotheraphy.

Instead of my pre-op appointment on Monday 2nd March I had to have a meeting with my consultant as the team of medical staff had met and looked at my case; I was informed that I have an aggressive form of cancer which meant a slight change of plan.

My initial treatment of 6 months of of chemotheraphy started on the 12th of March, it is to be followed by a masectomy which I have been told will “most likely” be followed by another 6 months of chemotheraphy and some radiotheraphy; basically I’ve been told they intend to try everything on me, with it being an agressive cancer it has to be treated more aggressively.

Alhamudllilah for my test, it truly is a blessing. The Prophet (saaw) said “No fatigue, disease, sorrow, sadness, hurt or distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.” (Bukhari)

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve decided to write something so personal on such a public platform? Well, it’s true that at a time like this it’s important to get as many people as possible to make dua, and I request for you to make dua for both me and my family during our test….but that isn’t my reason for writing.

Being in the position I’m faced with has caused me to really reflect on my life and inturn I want to encourage you to reflect on your lives. I want you to take stock of how you spend your days…… and your nights. I want you to think about all the responsibilities that Allah swt has placed upon our shoulders as Muslims/Muslimahs.

I want you to consider carefully the role we all have to play towards the suffering of, and injustice towards the Ummah. Are we exerting our efforts in the propogation of Islam at a time when Islam and the Muslim community are under constant scrutiny and attack? At a time when simply trying to uphold our Deen we are so easily labelled as extremists and terrorists and locked away without trial; At a time when Internationally, Muslim blood appears to be like a cheap commodity.

Are we countering this onslaught with wise words and actions; or are we allowing ourselves to become silenced or even become apologists?

And I want you to evaluate, and question, are your actions based on your own whims and desires/to please your parents/ friends/community/even Mr.Brown; or are they based simply on gaining the pleasure of Allah swt?

This is my second article on the blog, but InshaAllah I intend (health permitting) to continue to write for the blog…..don’t worry it won’t be a weekly diary of how things are going with my cancer; there are bigger things to be discussing.

I have been diagnosed with an illness, illness doesn’t equal death. Some people (bless ’em) have come out with comments like “she used to be such a good friend/she was such a lovely person”, hey, steady now your making me feel like I’m one of those dead people on the film the Sixth Sense that the little boy could see! Hello! I’m still here!!

My circumstances may have changed a little, but my accountability and responsibility hasn’t; granted I may be a bit restricted/there maybe a change in the way I’m able to do things, but I’m going to try my utmost to get on with life as best as I can, trying to fulfill all my responsibilities…..InshaAllah : )

Our beloved prophet (saaw) said “Value five things before five, your youth before old age, health before sickness, wealth before poverty, leisure before preoccupaion, and life before death.” (Tirmidi). Subhan’Allah, what wisdom there is in these few words!



  1. yasmeen says:

    asalamualaykum wr wb,
    I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and dua’s….its much appreciated.
    Br.Zahid -your words really rang true…jzk for your motivatinal words.
    Sr.Zets -the coffee’s gone cold?!
    Dhado -may Allah swt give you the strength to continue to deal with it from where you are at.
    Ash -heartfelt dua’s for you too, we just have to keep focused on our purpose in life regardless of the trials and tribulations that come along inshaAllah.
    Sr.S -jzk for your kind words.
    Alhamdullilah, the article has achieved what I wanted it to…apart from the comments that have been posted I have personally been approached by so many people who have read it, and it has moved everyone I have spoken to in a positive way – it has encouraged reflection of the responsibility we all have.

  2. juraida says:


    To sister Yasmeen

    Im not sure if this post will get to as i am unaware of the lag time involved. I do however have a few things to say irrespective of whether or not it gets posted. Firstly, may Allah reward you for your abr and guide you to always remain so strong and be an inspiration for many other muslims out there. Secondly, I have to say that I am personally going thru a trialing time and your post has just made my imaan so much stronger. So for that i would like to say thank you. You are not an only a strong women but one that has a direct impact on the lives of others. May Allah reward you abundantly for that Inshallah.

  3. Mudassar says:

    Dont worry sis, cancer or no cancer, your comments show that you will be long here after all us have disappeared. ameen.

    May Allah shower his mercy on you and your family.ameen

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