Summer Events to help Empower Muslim Youth

A SERIES of rap contests, football tournaments and graffiti sessions are being organised over summer to help Muslim youths empower themselves. The events are being organised regionally by Hizb-ut-Tahrir as part of their Stand For Islam campaign.

Organisers hope the activities will better equip the youngsters against any backlash towards Muslims by helping them to understand their own religion better and to be able to stand up to negative portrayals of Muslims by being able to engage in positive dialogue with the wider community.

The events are taking place throughout the north west including Rochdale, Bolton, Accrington, Oldham, Manchester, Bradford, Halifax and Leeds and is starting this July.

The football tournament will involve each town organising a mini tournament with the winners playing off each other in the ‘Champions League’ final.

Organisers are asking budding artists to express their art form in a more positive way instead of on buses or public walls. Instead they are invited to take part in the Islam graffiti competition in the aim that the pieces of work could be displayed in local libraries, community centres or sport clubs.

The Islamic rap competition will involve no music or instruments, just lyrical rhymes. A four-week workshop will be held prior to the stand off to help youngster’s fine tune their lyrics. Judge will be no other than local Muslim rapper, ILL IQ.

The events will then culminate in a Muslim youth conference to be held in mid-August where winners of the competitions will receive awards.

A spokesperson for Hizb-ut-Tahrir said: “Muslim youth have been victims of an intense Islamaphobic campaign. Abuse of stop and search powers, women being attacked for wearing the veil, early morning raids are just a few examples of how Muslim youth are being suffocated in Britain.

“The youth conference aims to give confidence to Muslim youngsters in Britain in upholding their identity and showing them the way in making a positive contribution in a society where the youth are generally plagued with a plethora if problems including drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, high rates of depression and higher rates of crime.

“The Muslim youth must lead the way and stand for Islam.”

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