Letter- Cameron jokes about Shariah Law after bike is stolen

By Waseem Aslam- David Cameron is famed for his biking riding adventures. He will tell you all that is a part of his new green image for the future of Britain and the world. Mr Cameron will tell us all a lot of things. He is a man of many forthright views, most of these views (he would call them policies) when put to the test fail miserably.

There was his ‘hug a hoody’ fiasco when Mr Cameron’s attempt to reach out to the disaffected youth of the council estate in Britain backfired. The only problem here was that the hoddies quite frankly didn’t want to be hugged. They seemed more content on expressing their Democratically won freedom by displaying their knives and gang signs on You Tube (15 minutes of fame and all that).

The hoodies got their own back on Mr Cameron by stealing his bike from outside a Tesco store in London, the bike had been chained to a 3ft high bollard and the theives simply lifted it up and over the bollard for an easy steal.

What was Mr Cameron’s response? Did he announce he wanted to give the thives a big old fashoined bear hug? No!

In some twisted version of humour, Mr Cameron announed, “I’m contemplating introducing Sharia law for bicycle theft “. He meant this only as a joke. I persume he wanted to take every opportunity to attack the Shariah’s idea of punishments which fit the crime as being something backwards.

So why make such a comment? Well it is clear that everything the government , the opposition and social think tanks can throw at the culture of yobish behaviour and rising levels of crime they are unable to affect any real change. So in an embarassed moment unsure of what to say to a socially decaying society which he one day wishes to govern, he saw it best to attack that which he fears the most.

The endemic root failures in today society don’t even spare a bike left outside a supermarket by the leader of the opposition. So although Mr Cameron may claim to be joking, as the saying goes “there is never a truer word than that said in jest”.

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  1. Infamous says:

    Short but profound article.

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