Rochdale Observer Coverage on Hazel Blears Citizenship Courses for mosques

 Rochdale Observer has run the story on Hazel Blears new initiative of introducing Citizenship courses in Mosques in Rochdale to combat “Radical Extremism”. She has raised eyebrows with her speech at the policy Exchange seminar on ‘Preventing Violent Extremism: the Government’s Approach’ as well as through her views expressed against not attending the Islam Expo event.

The observer article details views of Rochdales residents who primarily expressed real concern on the government agenda for Rochdale Muslims and its consequences on damaging rather than furthering relations with the Muslim community. Comments from the blog also appeared in the article highlighting a clear misrepresentation of the the governments views on tackling issues in Rochdale.

Despite the unsuccessful attempts of the previous communities secretary, Ruth kelly with her “Nasiha Project” to convince the Muslim community of the need for government sponsored courses for Mosques, Ms Blears believes somehow she will be succeed. This is despite the pilot area, Bradford, for the last project making a united stand against it.

Once again like her  predecessor, Ms blears is working on galvanising support from individuals in the Muslim community to buy her idea and implement it.

As one reader posted a comment describing his views on hazel Blears new initiatives. They wrote

 “Blears says, ‘the Government would not do business with any groups who weren’t serious about standing up to violence’ And I suppose invading Iraq didn’t invole any violence? From the Guardian- Do you regret your support for the Iraq war in the Commons vote in March 2003? Hazel Blears Labour party chair  ‘No, I don’t. Removing Saddam Hussein from power was essential for the peace of the region, for the protection of the Iraqi people, and for our own security.’

Who have been responsible for more deaths, Islamists or this Labour Government?”



  1. In answer to your question at the end of the article, who have been responsible for more deaths Islamist or the Labour Government – I think that is simple, Islamists. If you are referring to the horrible death toll in Iraq since 2003, surely you know that the vast majority of the killings were carried out by Islamist insurgents deliberately targeting and bombing markets, children’s gatherings and wedding processions. Get real my friend, whether or not the war should have happened is a different matter, Islamists are the ones doing the real killing in Iraq and Afghanistan, lets make sure that is clear!!

  2. You can’t trust the muslims no matter how “nice” they seem. They are instructed to “kill the infidels” and they will do that one way or another. It’s the same as asking a Catholic to give up the rosary. It’s ingrained in them from childhood! You really need to send them all back to sit in the sand where they came from. God, not allah bless America and the UK!

  3. The Infamous says:

    The Observer article quotes Imam Irfan Chisti saying ‘WE as a Muslim community approached the government…..’

    Who is this ‘we’???.

    Since when did somebody elect him as a representitive for the Muslim community in Rochdale??

    Did Mr Chisti have a consultation session with other Imams in Rochdale about extremism?
    Did Mr Chishti have a consultation meeting with the Muslim community?
    Did he have a questionnaire for the Muslim community for their views?

    These are some questions which I and I am sure the Muslim Community in Rochdale would like answers to.

    Imam Chishti, instead of approaching the government with myths of extremism, maybe you need to walk around the Muslim community and see for yourself what the real problems are. Drugs have plagued areas like Wardleworth, Spotland and Deeplish. Crime is on the increase. Our communites are possibly the most deprived in the area.

    Personally I would like to see Imams tackle these issues which actually are a problem and aim to tackle them. NOT make up things which do not exist!!

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