Musharraf Resigns- Is there anything worth rejoicing for?

Published on the Asian News Letters Section

By Majed Iqbal- Today’s announcement by Musharraf of his resignation has come at an interesting time. I’m sure, this move has sparked off a wave of emotions in Pakistan as well as catching the attention of keen Observers of the country which has played a pivotal role in Americas “War on Terror”.

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf

Ever since the Elections in February this year, Pakistani Politics has circled around personal vendettas, Career goals, securing seats, and concocting plans to get a fair share of the Cake whilst in power.

Musharraf’s resignation comes in light of the above issues where personal rivalries with Nawaz Sharif, who has taken upon it himself to oust the President, ever since he stepped back into the country coupled with a conniving Asif Zardari who has used his spouses assassination as a stepping stone to creep back into the political scene has played the key role in bringing Musharraf to this stage.

Hence, we must ask is there any joy for celebration or are we in for a re-run of October 1999? This was when Musharraf ousted Nawaz Sharif and sent him to exile in Saudia Arabia. and now we are seeing Nawaz playing the same role but this time in a more commanding position.

It is unfortunate to see that whilst the country is drowned with a plethora of problems from Electricity Shortages, Rising Prices of Petrol, Sky high prices for Food stuffs and a population resorting to Suicide in light of all these difficulties, the politicians only focus their energies on settling scores amongst themselves.

This type of politics has been endemic in Pakistan since its inception  and has been further fuelled by international powers.

It is high time that we see a type of politics that puts people first and not personal or foreign powers objectives. The people of Pakistan require a sincere leadership and the right political set up and policies to see it developed into a Leading state in the world with its credentials if of the sixth most populated country in the world and the second largest country in the Islamic World.

Both Democracy and Dictatorship are the two sides of the same coin. Its now time that the Power Brokers in the country opt for an Islamic Change to the Constitution, Governance and politics in the country whose guarantor can only be the Caliphate (Khilafah).

Published on the Asian News Letters Section

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