Exclusive Video- Stand For Islam Documentary

By Majeds Video Blog Team- The last few years have seen increased Propaganda and rhetoric issued against Muslims living in Europe. Despite quotations aired in scripted style by Politicians, Media and government on freedom, tolerance and pluralism, the reality seems to be far from Muslims when it comes to their treatment.

Publishing of the Insulting cartoons against the Prophet of Islam in Denmark and their consequent republishing in Europe, Geert Wilders film Fitna which asked for most of the pages of the Quran to be ripped out, Anti-terror legislation designed for the Muslims, Fake evidence to justify raids as in Forest Gate (UK, criminalising the Muslim community over voicing concern on Foreign policy issues, voicing he creation for a “British” and “European” form of Islam, the banning of the Hijab in France and numerous other examples clearly build a picture of an environment which is breeding intolerance and misrepresenting Islam and Muslims.

This exclusive documentary produced by Majeds Blog aims to give confidence to Muslims in Britain in upholding their identity and showing the host society as to how Muslims can make a positive contribution in society.

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