Mumbai Attacks- Pakistan’s ISI comes under fire

In the continued efforts and pre-Iraq invasion styled rhetoric, the US continues to jab away in any way possible at Pakistan to present the case against the country as being on the brink of disaster.

Now the intelligence services run under fire accused of in-directly supporting armed militant groups. In these endeavours old recruits from the ISI are being named by the US to be added onto the UN list of people and organisations linked to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

“It goes beyond information sharing to include some funding and training” The Times quotes one US official as saying. “And these are not rogue ISI elements. What’s going on is done in a fairly disciplined way”.

A report, which appeared in The Washington Post’s Sunday issue, claimed that Islamabad has agreed to a 48-hour deadline set by India and the US for key suspects to be handed over to India. New Delhi was keen to see the extradition of 20 suspects including former director of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, Hamid Gul.

Condoleeza rice in her visits levelled similar accusations stating that “Pakistan has had historic links with these armed groups previously” referring to the relationship of the Intelligence services and movements operating in the Kashmir region.

The pace and tempo will continue to build in the next weeks, months and coming year to tighten the noose around Pakistan’s neck. A strong Pakistan, with a large army, with vast natural resources and nuclear capability is no longer in the interests of the US. A weak, divided, subservient government and nation and a controlled nuclear program by the US will ensure American Hegemony and no challenger to access the abundant resources for that region.

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