Rochdale Imam accuses local Mosques of ‘Child Beatings’

Asian imageBy Majed Iqbal- According to a new report compiled by Irfan Chishti, a government adviser on Islamic affairs and a close ally to Hazel Blears on her agenda to tackle Extremism, has stated that Muslim children are being beaten and abused regularly by teachers at some madrassas.

Students have been slapped, punched and had their ears twisted, according to the unpublished report by the Rochdale imam based on interviews with victims in the north of England.

The times newspaper, who ran the story and claimed Exclusive coverage for it, was forthright in painting a bleak picture of Muslims In Rochdale and their institutions. It is yet to be verified as to how the report came to the attention of the times newspaper.

Rochdale Muslims have met the news with utter disgust and have been sceptical over the last months of the direct repeated references being made about Rochdale Muslims in Press and Government Circles. This news story adds to the frenzy which has gradually been whipped up in recent weeks.

Most concerning has been the lack of dialogue with the established mosque committees in Rochdale which have totally bypassed by the Rochdale Imam in discussing these issues and bringing them out on the table. Even more surprising is that it was only a couple of months ago that some mosques in Rochdale attended a Child protection training program which discussed in detail acceptable protocols for of Imams teaching Children.

Concerningly, no other Mosque in Rochdale is aware about this new report which has clandestinely been put together.

Muslims in Rochdale have been at the forefront of a government campaign to enforce an agenda of disuniting the Muslim Community. Several attempts have been made to create an opinion that there is a major problem of Extremism in the town. This narrative was widely rejected by the Muslim Community in closed and public meetings where community leaders and the masses entertained an energised debate on how the Government intervention is there to seek political objectives– primarily to sell their spin on the causes of terrorism whose fingers are being painted at Muslims and their faith.

It was in February this year that an event titled “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community was organised hailing a 200 people turn-out. The event was apt in picturing how the Muslim community indeed had thoughtful views on the current climate and that the threats and fear created by opportunistic politicians, including local ones, as well as government were not strong enough to silence the real debates which people are actively engaged in at a grass-roots level.

This new report feeds into the impression that individuals from areas up and down the country are being hand-picked by government to carry out government agendas. The closed nature of the work and lack of consultation with any established local body is clear evidence that ideas and projects are being promoted in order for Communities Minister hazel Blears to justify her £70 million pounds spending on tackling extremism and only allowing one form of uniform view on ‘acceptable Islam’ for Britain.

Imam Irfan Chisti’s report plays perfectly into the hands of the government agenda of validating the need for Citizenship courses which are a feeble attempt to create a new version of Islam where a Muslim is silent on international affairs, pacifist with freedom of speech and divorces Islam to personal afairs only like diet and worships.

No other faith group has had so much intervention as has been had by the Muslim Community. It is clear that the government would only like the narrative on extremism to be one linked with to the Muslim Community and some warped interpretation of Islam whilst absolving any criticism and blame for the fundamental factors of terrorism in this country which is based on their own misconduct in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hotspots around the world.

Anyone challenging this agenda will be dubbed as extremist, despite bringing prolific and compelling discourse to the table.


  1. Mohammed abdullah says:

    He’s just trying to stirr some controversy and engage in some sort of dialogue that he can de-fame the rest of his muslim brothers. Sure your getting paid, for you hard work, and recieve an MBE for selling yourself.

  2. Aftab Ali says:


    You guys know full well that the majority of us learned our islamic studies in Rochdale under the whip. I personally do not have fond memories of being beaten in a variety of intuative ways, made to do the murghi, the kursi, having my ears twisted and been used a as target for an array of martial arts kicks. Thankfully it toughened me up enough to block a blow from a yellow water pipe, and those of that 70-80’s era will remember them well. I was promptly ejected from the mosque!

    If this abuse is still being carried out today – in any form, then Irfan is doing a great job in bringing to the fore. It’s child abuse plain and simple! Yes there is a place for gentle punishment, but within the interest of progressing the childs learning, not for the joy of bullying trying to control a rebelious child. There are plenty of methods available to control unruly kids without resorting to beatings – have non of you seen Supernanny :)

    It’s only forward thinking you people from our communities like brother Majid, Irfan, Sidi Amar who have the sense to highlight issues that are blatantly wrong, and they should recieve our full support rather than criticism. Be proud that a brother has recieved an MBE, it’s not easy feat and will only serve to help our community.

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