Rochdale Politicians score cheap points on Gaza Issue

By Majed Iqbal- When one Reads between the lines of the Open letter on Gaza submitted by the Rochdale MP, Paul Rowen, he has actually done no different to what the rest of the British media and Politicians have done- That is to condemn Hamas and blame them for the cause of the issues in the current crisis.

Peace in that area cannot be brokered with a war-mongering and rogue state like Israel.

Where is the United Nations that placed sanctions on Iraq for over 10 years when Iraq allegedly did not comply with UN resolutions, starving millions of vital medical supplies who suffered from depleted Uranium used by Allied forces?

Israel has NEVER abided by any of the UN resolutions passed on it- Where are the sanctions on Israel by the international community who backed the UN on Iraqi sanctions in the late 90’s???

The MP’s request for the EU, UN and US to place any pressure on Israel will fall on deaf ears as none of these blocks have any vested interests in doing so. History is witness to this each time demonstrating from their un-relenting praise and support for the Israeli State.

The much talked about two state solution is a farce when studied in any detail as to scraps that Palestinians will get for the deal. Most importantly, how can the world tolerate a Zionist fascist state as a legitimate entity that took land by force and continues in its aspirations to spread further to be any partner in making ‘peace’?

Would Europe and US have accepted a two state solution for the Nazis in Germany?

Politicians in Rochdale would never call for working on practical initiatives like voicing our opposition to those states around Israel who actually strengthen it through their treaties, Economic deals, use of their waterways for imports like oil, and military pacts. They would never challenge these regimes unlike the protests are showing in those countries on the complicity of these Client rulers of Western powers in allowing Israel free rampage in Gaza without voicing any REAL challenge or Ultimatum.

These Mass protests have hugely criticised the Arab government’s failures in this crisis far more than criticising Israel as nothing better is accepted from them, and such regimes have repeatedly failed the people time and time again. Yet we won’t hear such distinct messages from local Politicians as their governments have strong ties with the dictators of these regions who secure their interests.

Arab governments are in collusion with Israel on the matter- yet no British politician is willing to say the obvious. Arab states have the power to cripple the Israeli state and force it to accept demands in line with the aspirations of the Arab world for regional peace and stability. But this won’t happen as foreign policy for these Arab nations are tied to western interests whom they have cordial relationships with.

No Western Country is planning to change their historic Foreign Policy on Israel as we have seen for the last 50 years.

Clearly, responsibility lies with Muslims governments and their populations to embark on creating political change in the Arab and Muslim World which challenges Israel’s hegemony and puts Zionism once and for all in the dustbins of history like Nazism and Apartheid were.

Politicians are unable to voice key issues like these as political correctness and career aspirations rank higher than dedicating their lives for such struggles. In a few weeks the issue of Gaza will be shelved by these very same Politicians who will then embark on other calls more suitable to help keep their positions safe.

That just doesn’t go for Paul Rowen MP but for most Politicians.


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