‘Another’ cheap point scoring exercise on Gaza Issue by Rochdale Politician

By Majed Iqbal-New allegations that the ongoing conflict in Gaza is leading to an ‘acute sense of anger and despair felt in Rochdale’ ‘and ‘could do great damage to race relations in communities like Rochdale’, aired by Parliamentary Candidate Simon Danczuk are being met with raised eyebrows by Rochdale Muslims.

Simon Danczuk and Bill Rammell MP

In a meeting with Bill Rammell MP, the UK Minister for the Middle East, Mr Danczuk warned the that the Gaza conflict is creating a huge sense of grievance and injustice in Muslim communities and that Britain must step up the diplomatic pressure on Israel to achieve a ceasefire.

Last week Paul Rowen MP attempted to come into the limelight on the Gaza Issue with his open letter trying to make a ‘stand’ after a muted two weeks and now the Muslim community was being greeted with words of despair from the Parliamentary candidate for Rochdale.

Simon Danczuk’s statements feed off the impressions he got at a recent Gaza Event in Rochdale where a jammed packed audience raised concerns at the ongoing massacring in Gaza. Many people raised their opinions on what could be done to stop the escalating situation.

Comments like “If the world could unite against Nazism, Apartheid and see their end then why cant the world put a stop to Zionism which is embodied in the principle foundation of the Israeli State?”

Other comments voiced their concern on how the world and the UN issued sanctions on Iraq and then invaded Iraq with a regime change and why it was now not possible to do the same for Israel as the same actions are being conducted by them?

The audience expressed their anger at the Arab regimes for remaining silent and showing complicity in the massacre of the people of Gaza by securing their borders even further, cutting off essential medical and humanitarian aid. A member of the audience congratulated Venezuela for being the only country to expel the Israeli Ambassador from their country.

In an effort to gain ratings, Simon Danczuk instead geared the oft-quoted position of Government on how Muslims are being radicalised through such international events.

Speaking to Bill Rammell MP he said “I told the Minister that unless the British Government is seen to be doing more in terms of putting pressure on the Israelis to withdraw troops from Gaza then this could do great damage to race relations in communities like Rochdale. The sense of anger on the streets is palpable. People feel helpless and extremely upset at the massacres taking place.” he said.

The Rochdale Muslim community is shocked as to how reasoned debate and intellectual discourse can be translated as major problems for race relations. It is f no surprise how politicians can place spin on any comment, opinion or grievance expressed and whip up arguments perfect to raise their ratings and gain a foothold above their Political opponents at the expense of their constituents.


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