COMMENT: Dutch MP ordered to be Prosecuted after anti-Islamic Statements

By Majed Iqbal- After months of rhetoric only now the Courts move in for incitement of religious hatred against Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Will Denmark follow suit next charging the Editors of Jyllands Posten Newspaper who published and re-published later offensive cartoons of the Prophet of Islam??

How about Prosecuting Jack Straw for his remarks on the Muslim women’s veil? Or Tony Blair for calling aspects of Islam as an evil-ideology? Or David Cameron for continuously calling to ban non-violent mainstream Islamic political parties like Hizb ut-Tahrir?

By painting the Dutch MP as some form of extremist on the European Political Scene, Mainstream politicians are trying to absolve themselves of having anything to do with such thinking.


In reality, Mainstream parties across Europe have displayed similar sentiments but under the notion of integrating the Muslim Community, which is another way of departing Geert Wilders message but in a way which sounds ‘nice’.


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  1. the dutch have become slaves of a fasict empire, islam, islam is evil, and must be eliminated from europe, i call on the eu, to ban the immigration of all muslims from immigrating to the eu. i call on the dutch government to kick out all muslims currently living there. We must implement a final solution to the invasion of the barbarian hoard, (islamo fasists) PLEASE CONSIDER THIS HATESPEECH AND HAVE ME PROSECUTED AS WELL!!

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