Picture Story- Thousands protest against Military action in Swat- Pakistan

By Majed Iqbal- Thousands gathered together in Swat to protest against the Military action  in the area which has seen hundreds of lives lost. The protest demanded that the government withdraw the army from the area and lift the curfew which has made life difficult for the residents.

Thousands turn up to demonstrate against army operations fighting America's 'War on Terror' in Swat

Despite the Governement PR on convincing the Pakistani population that the country must fight Americas war on Terror to root out ‘extremism’, demonstrations like theses have clearly profiled the sentiments of the people in the heart of the ‘conflict’ zones that they no longer buy the lies sold to them.

Zardari’s government has seen no change from that of Musharraf’s and continues to pursue American Policy blindly despite the peoples resentment and displeasure.

Click here for full story

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