Lahore attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team- Who did it?

By Majed Iqbal- Once again Pakistan is placed onto the international centre stage following the attack on the Srilankan cricket team. The immediate response from the international community and commentators seemed to implicate ‘extremists’ operating in Pakistan without even a shred of evidence; an approach no different to the Mumbai attacks where India was the judge, jury and executioner in pointing the fingers at Pakistan and building a case of declaring it a failed state and a sponsor of Terrorism.

Both the US and India, helped by many other countries have actively used any semblance of any issue to declare Pakistan as an unstable state requiring international intervention.

India spearheaded a campaign to convince several countries to sever sports relations with Pakistan and put tremendous pressure on Sri Lanka not to send its cricket team to play here.

The latest attack on Pakistani soil raises many questions on who could be behind the attacks and why against sri-lankans? Pakistan has had conducive relationships with this country and was instrumental in bringing it to the international cricketing stage.

Only weeks ago in Lahore, the very city under attack, Pakistani antiterrorism police arrested several Indian citizens and their Pakistani accomplices in the past few weeks and paraded them in public with evidence linking them to India’s spy agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).

Lahore lies a few kilometres away from the Indian border and has been a scene of concentrated efforts by Indian covert operations in the 1970s and 1980s which orchestrated several bomb blasts.

American reports have also linked Indian elements to attacks on U.S. and NATO soldiers which have been blamed on Pakistan to further dent the image of the country.

The scenes in Lahore on Tuesday perfectly aid America’s plan of building a case against Pakistan and working to divide it into several states. This will ensure that this powerful country possessing a huge population and nuclear capability does not achieve any form of independence in deciding its own political destiny, poses no threat to American designs for the region and remains divided placing nuclear arsenal in the hands of international powers.

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  1. Dude…use your commonsense.
    If RAW was of that kind of destructive mindset then they would first have gone to Karachi and dragged India’s most wanted criminal/terrorist Dawood Ibrahim out of his Pakistan Army protected house and killed him in public or kidnapped him and brought him to India to face justice.

  2. The Infamous says:

    It is only common sense to suggest that Pakistan has destructive forces within it, which prevents them from progressing in the world arena.

    However it is also only common sense to suugest that these destructive forces have been placed by external bodies outside Pakistan.

    This attack was stupid, senseless and had no benefit for Pakistan, except for 2 nations. America and India. So who from these 2 nations did it? That is the question…..

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