VIDEO AD- Rochdale Muslims against SRE

Th Rochdale Muslim community is planning to challenge the Sex and Relationship education which is set to be delivered to Primary School children as young as five years old. Watch the Video Advert. Want to join the campaign?

Simply fill in your contact details on the contact tab on the blog and join in a host of activities which include  firstly to raise awareness on this issue, get petition signatures, mobilise women to take an added interest in their children’s education and the values departed to them at school, engage with religious institutions like mosques and churches to challenge the social values presented in the studies, attract the online community through a face book campaign and posting video adverts on YouTube and distributing and posting leaflets in English, Urdu and Bangla throughout Rochdale.



  1. Banafsheh says:

    I think its too soon for them to know and I do think there are many issues which are most important for them to know instead of knowing about Sex in early age of 5!

  2. Salaam Brother Majid,
    A campaign that we can all unite under. No decent parent would want that their children as young as 5 are exposed to adult issues. I would like to pledge my support for this campaign and whatever our mosques and Islamic educational centres can do please do not hesitate to get in touch!!

    Irfan Chishti
    Light of Islam Academy,
    Milkstone Road

  3. Muslim parents teach their children to respect their teachers. From a very young age, we are taught that Islam teaches us that after our parents, our teachers are most deserving of respect. Also, western politicians put a huge blame on parents for neglecting their children’s upbringing nowadays. Parents are blamed for allowing their children to grow up as uncouth, disrespectful, promiscuous and antisocial members of society.

    So it must be an extremely confusing time for the Muslim parent in Leytonstone, London. For up to 30 parents may face prosecution for withdrawing their children from school, disobeying the teachers in the school, simply to secure a decent moral upbringing for their children. The school had decided to have a week of lessons about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history. Part of this was a special adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet retitled Romeo and Julian as well as fairytales and stories changed to show men falling in love with men.

    The Muslim parents have been told that local council officials may ‘take action’ against them for ‘unauthorised absences’ from school. Last year the Guardian reported statistics published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families showing that a record numbers of pupils persistently played truant in 2006-07, with around 272,950 pupils persistently absent in 2007, missing more than 20% of school. We rarely see councils prosecute the parents of these persistent truants. Yet, the parents who removed their children as a one-off to protect their morality may be prosecuted!

    If the local council does decide to go through with a prosecution, it would be in line with the government’s approach to the Muslim community. Last month Communities Secretary Hazel Blears confirmed what had been leaked in the newspapers, that Muslims who believe homosexuality was a sin against the law of Allah (swt) would be labelled as extremists. Liberal totalitarianism is a growing phenomenon in Britain and the west in general but many people will be shocked that the school can override a parent’s view of what’s appropriate or inappropriate to teach their children.

    This latest episode should be a wakeup call for Muslim parents. Teachers are paid to teach our children. They are certainly not paid to impose their liberal values on our children. Muslim parents MUST explain our moral standards to schools and be prepared to take steps to protect our children’s morals and values from a growing agenda to impose liberal values upon them.

    “O you who believe. Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded.” [TMQ At-Tahrim 66:6]

    Iftikhar Ahmad

  4. Great video may allah bless you.

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