COMMENT- Oh Goody! Now it’s Jade the Musical!

By Majed Iqbal- Jade Goody’s name is once again set to ‘shine’ in the limelight as a new Musical venture is in the makings of her life.  News about “Jady Goody: The Musical” has been revealed by Friends and family weeks after her death from cancer as a way of telling the story of her life. Already, searches are being made for auditions on who is going to play Jade

jade goody

‘It’s going to be the story of her life and we’re going to be on the search for who is going to play Jade’, said Danny Hayward who runs a photographic agency and was one of the best men at Goody’s wedding. He said the musical would premiere this year.

Choreographer Victoria Hayward said of the casting process “Obviously, there is nobody else I’m sure in this world quite like Jade, but hopefully we’ll have a panel of not only creative experts but people that were close to Jade to be able to pick somebody that has to be able to dance and sing”.

Just a snapshot of Jades life is enough for any movie, never mind a thatrical play at the West End. Introduced to drugs at an early age by her lesbian mother, she was surrounded by criminals and violence during her early days. Her father was found dead from a heroin overdose in the toilets of a KFC take-away. At the age of 17, Jade was caught stealing from Selfridges.

She became a house-hold name when the Big Brother TV show earned her fame followed by the Celebrity version of the show with her racist ‘Shilpa Poppadom’ remark which got international attention. She then broke up with the father of her two children, got diagnosed with cancer and then married a convicted thug playboy in a marriage sold to the media for millions of pounds. She recently decided to ‘end it on a good note’ by getting herself and her two kids Christened.

Unfortunately, Reality TV for Jade Goody did not finish for her at her death but has resumed beyond her grave with her instant Wedding cashing in on a million for televsiion rights, a dramatised Funeral by her family members and now with a new musical venture.

Despite Jade Goody’s ups and downs in her life, one thing which has remained consistent is her outlook to life of looking after number one, even if that meant playing the media, racial abuse against other people, marrying a crook or her timely use of religion to cash in on the public mood in her last days.

Indiviualism is borne out of understanding that life is limited and there are un-mesurable pleasures that need to be explored. Pleasures require financial gain. Those who are driven by a limited outlook to life which is seen as restricted to this life will perevere for these aims no matteer how it is done. For some morals are not counted as a bench mark to evalute if they are doing good or bad and for some even legal or illegal have no standing in their lives, as long as they “cash in and enjoy later”.

Jade Goody is a product of a society which is breeding such ideals and not an entity of her own. There are millions of  Jades around in modern Britain today that seek to maximise financial gain at any cost, whether in tasteful or distateful ways.

As far as her family and friends are concerned with this new musical……….well what can we say. We’l be hearing comments soon that Jade will rest more in peace with such a venture.

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