VIDEO- UK Youth Parliament- “Key” Promoters of SRE for 5 Year olds

The UK Youth Parliament has been a key force behind the introduction of Sex and Relationships Education for Primary Schools. As a body, they firmly believe that learning around this topic for children as young as five years could provide the answers for the serious social problems that Britain is facing today.

Unfortunately, none of the Muslim Representatives of the Youth Parliament have raised any concerns or issues about the proposals. Despite the Youth parliament having 15 Muslim members, with 7 alone in the North West and Yorkshire region, protest against this new project has been absent.

Katrina Mather, 16, Member of Youth Parliament, said

“No school or parent should be able to prevent a young person receiving good, high quality sex and relationships education. Young people want the facts. We will continue to fight to ensure young people’s voices are heard on this issue and that every young person, regardless of background, school, or faith has the opportunity to learn about sex and relationships.

“Young people have been the driving force behind this decision today and must continue to be fully involved in every aspect of designing the new curriculum.”

The framework in which the education on this issue has been devised is outside of the radar. The values which construct the discussions on these areas from a religious perspective have been completely removed and sidelined and continue in promoting a selfish and individualistic attitude of  “if you want it go and get it!!”, “Dont worry about what people think!” and “if you feel it is something special to do then go for it”.

Such ideas coupled with a sexualised media with films, magazines and TV shows glorifying sex and activities surrounding it will in no way halt the growing epidemic of social ill’s because fundamentally the outlook to these issues need to be addressed.

For Muslims this is basing their lives on Islamic ideals and values where decisions are based on Halal and haram and where relationships and sex is heterosexual and confined to marriage.

Naturally there is a clash which needs to be explored and addressed.

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