COMMENT- Irans “Unacceptable” Democracy?

Asian Leader By Majed Iqbal-Western countries have gone mad questioning  the validity of the results of the Iranian Elections. Newspaper reportage and coverage like ‘ Democracy is the loser in Iran’s ‘free’ election’ and ‘Iran faces international backlash over vote-rigging claims’ have all added to the media frenzy on Iran as Western observers map out what now holds in store for the future with the ‘rogue’ Iranian state.

In almost a dejavu fashion, the Iranian Elections seemed a repeat episode of  the Hamas election victory into power in the Palestinian territories when the West questioned whether it was a ‘Fair and free’ Election. Iran stands in a similar position today, questioned on its election validity despite pursuing the Democratic route.

Britain, America, Israel and European leaders were doubted over President Ahmadinejad’s re-election. Joe Biden, the US Vice President, said: “There is an awful lot of questions about how this election was run“.

David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, echoed Mr Biden, calling for Tehran to rejoin international talks. “Our concern is above all for Iranian engagement with the international community,” he said.

We continue to await an Iranian answer to the very generous proposals that were made by the international community with respect to the Iranian nuclear programme. It’s very important that that proposal is answered by Iranian willingness to sit down and negotiate. ”

It is these very same Western government s that have supported dictators in Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Syria and any other countries to maintain their interests.  Yet today these same countires question Iran’s election results when they realise that Western interests have not been achieved as anticipated with the re-election of Ahmadinejad.

Democracy surely has its friends and foes…..depending on the situation and wether it agrees or disagrees with international agendas.

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  1. ariana says:

    Gotta disagree with you here….

    “Iran stands in a similar position today, questioned on its election validity despite pursuing the Democratic route”

    Iran didn’t pursue a democratic route, when all the candidates are preselected by the unelected “supreme leader” it is not democratic. what iran has is a dictactorial theocracy. and given the large protests and the violence that has been going on there, many people are unhappy with it.

    having said that though, i completey agree that western governments and the media pick and chose in which country democracy should be promoted in. i dont see anyone daring to say anything about saudi arabia, probably one of the most undeomocratic countries in the muslim world, with surely the biggest human rights abuses, yet also a key ally of the US

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