COMMENT- Musharraf rewarded for ‘Services’

Musharraf and Brown- One big happy family

By Majed Iqbal-Musharraf, the Darling of the west and dedicated comrade in the War on Terror has landed in London for a new chapter of his life and has been officially inaugurated in the House of commons. He now moves into his new £500,00 house with his family as he plans ahead his life in a country to whom he has been very close with in the last decade under his self- declared positions as General, Chief Executive and President of Pakistan.

After providing his support to the Americans and the British in steering Pakistan for their agendas and providing his ‘unstinting support’ in the war on Terror, Musharraf, the one who sacrificed Pakistan’s strategic depth with Afghanistan, the one who massacred men, women and children in Lal Mosque, the one who allowed over fifty FBI offices  in the country to abduct Pakistanis at will, the one who silenced media and ordered torturingof outspoken journalists and editors of newspapers, the one who made foreign Western culture readily available to the youth through the Cable and Media channels and heir own version of MTV to distance them further from Islam, the one who said that i know more about Khilafah than Hizb ut-Tahrir and began harassing, jailing and torturing its members, the one who allowed America to use its airspace to bomb Pakistan’s citizens since 2005, the one who sold off the gas and Electricity utilities to foreign multi–national companies making the people in Pakistan suffer and the one who talks about ‘Pakistan first’ and then does everything to destroy the country has been warmly received and accepted in Britain.

Tommorrow are we going to see Robert Mugabe, John Garang and Fidel Castro enjoy the same hospitalities?

So why these sevices for the former ruler of Pakistan? Where did Musharraf get the money to be housed in one of London’s poshest areas? Why can he get five to six Scotland Yard agents/officers who will accompany him wherever he goes.

Anybody got any ideas?

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  1. morten olesen says:

    religious fanatics are to blame for most of the trouble inside Pakistan, i believe. Of course, the US should never have supported Taliban in Afghanistan, thus boosting the destructive and fundamentalist forces in the whole region, but surely you would like to see women in Afghanistan enjoy the same rights as you as a male do in the UK…or am i wrong here?

    • majedsblog says:

      Would Blackwater, who are covertly operating in Pakistan today be considered as extremists? Secretive operations, de-stabalisibng the country, masterminding explosions…..

      I guess these are fanatics too

      Fundamentalist forces…………. are you alluding to Americas support of Dictators and engineering of election results in pakistan to suit their goals and interests???

      Are we talking about women in Afghanistan being treated as well as the way British men treat women in Bangkok????

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