Rochdale Facebook Campaign against Govt ICE project for Mosques

Rochdale Facebook ICE Campaign- SIGN UP AND JOIN THE GROUP

In light of the launch of the ICE (Islamic citizenship and Education) Curriculum, Majeds Blog has organised a Facebook campaign against this project. The ICE Curriculum is going to be launched on Friday 9th October in Rochdale.

This Facebook campaign wishes to mobilise Muslims in Rochdale specifically against such projects which have been crafted out and endorsed by the Government. This Project will be launched in Central West Minister Hall on the 24th October which highlights a clear governement connection to the this allegedly “independent” campaign.

The ICE curriculum has recieved £360,000 funding to promote Islamic classes licensed by the British Government which in itself speaks for the credentials of what type of Islam the Government wants. Hazel Blears, Communities Secretary until she resigned on June 3, said the project aims “to ensure young people are equipped with the skills they need to stand up to violent extremists”

Hence the curriculum is not a genuine effort to engage with Muslim youth on important issues related to their deen but rather a Politicised agenda that the Government wishes the Muslim Community to embrace such that Issues that Muslims feel about on local, national and international affairs are viewed ONLY from one standard- that is the way the British Government wants Muslims to see, think and behave in.

The facebook campaign wishes the readers to reflect on the Following ideas and then JOIN THE CAMPAIGN BY SIGNING UP ON THE FACEBOOK GROUP

– Why does the Government need to dictate to mosques about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for teaching in Mosques? The Muslim community has built their own institutions like Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic schools. We are independent and already have our own established curriculums.

– A big no to thanks to alleged Muslim leaders doing the Governments dirty work. We say, work for the interests of the Muslim community and not the Politicised agendas of the British Government.

– A big no to the funding for this project which is called “Prevention for Violent Extremism” from Central Government which deems all Muslims suspiciously and wants to CREATE a rift in the Muslim community by falsely labeling people as ‘Extremists’ or ‘Moderates’

– No to a British or European form of Islam- Islam is the Deen revealed by Allah (swt) and doesn’t need any government to validate it or change it.

– No to making Muslim youth look inward at Islam to make them feel that extremism and Terrorism is due to Islam rather than a brutal foreign policy of Britain and America where profit and Western interests are above people

– No to making our youth pacifists and silent on issues concerning the Muslim Ummah in Gaza, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan

– Our youth need to be taught to challenge and Question ALL ideas, including Liberal Democracy and Secular values which has seen invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan based on a dodgy Dossier, MP Expenses Scandal, a financial crisis with the credit crunch and the growing Social problems of Youth Violence and Teenage pregnancies which are plaguing modern Britain today.

– Many Muslim groups are already doing great work in their local communities. We do NOT need Government help for this.

– No other faith group in the country has been subject to so much scrutiny as the Muslim community has with project after project being designed to tackle all possible sectors and groupings of Muslims.

– The government should allocate its £70 million which was for tackling extremism instead to tackling drugs, Teen violence, unwanted pregnancies and educational achievement.



  1. Abdullah says:

    Now that the Guardian has revealed how PVE is used to spy on Muslims, there is now even more reason not to have anything to do with programmes like ICE!

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