BBC ‘The Big Questions’ Appearance

On Sunday morning 25th October, i participated in the BBC programme, The Big Questions’. The show can be seen on the link HERE.  My comments appear at 35.10 into the show.

BBC Big Questions Appearance

The areas of discussion for the show were 1- Are strikes necessary  2- Does Britain have a moral duty for giving aid to other countries in light of the recession  3- Organ donation after death.

My comment focused on the second topic. Aid is never a moral decision but a financial one and will always be tied to the strategic interests of a nation. The release of the Libyan prisoner for the Lockerbie bombings was not based on humanitarian or moral grounds. Evidence later surfaced that Oil contracts and business relations were the driving force behind the release despite the denial of Politicians from the start of the case.

Similarly, Gordon Brown giving Pakistan £5 million is not for a moral cause but for that government to tow the British line on its domestic and international objectives.

African Dictators and Arab Rulers have also been financed with aid over the years. Egypt is the second largest recipient of US aid after Israel. WHY???

There are no morals in Politics only interests.


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