ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- Manchester and Bradford residents protest against American presence in Pakistan

Asian News Rochdale Excerpts of article published on the Asian News

By Majed Iqbal- In light of the deteriorating situation in Pakistan, local residents gathered to protest in Manchester and Bradford, sending a strong condemnation to Pakistan’s government for allowing America to operate as a state within a state with immunity in Pakistan.

Protestors parade in key locations in Bradford against the Presence of Blackwater, an American security firm, believed to have a hand in many of the blasts in Pakistan as reported by the Media

The protests, organised by the Islamic Political Party Hizb ut-Tahrir took place on the famous Wilmslow Road on Friday 6th November in Manchester where protestors held large banners titled “Save Pakistan”.

Voices were raised in chants and slogans against the Pakistani Government’s inability to take decisive steps against American Military and Political interference in the country being sold to the Pakistani Public under the guise as a fight against ‘militancy’; a lie which was exposed during American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit where Journalist, students and Media challenged American plans for their country.

Organisers distributed leaflets about the campaign and invited the public to raise their voices against America’s presence in a soveriegn state.

Protests continued in Bradford on Sunday 8th November to hear about the current crisis in Pakistan and solutions proposed by the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Protestors assembled outside the Consulate of Pakistan, Bradford and were addressed by Dr. Muhammed Nawaz. He explained the US plan for Pakistan – to draw the Pakistani army into a war in South Waziristan and to strengthen America’s position in Afghanistan. He argued that this war would worsen divisions in the country.

Protestors carried black coffins with slogans “killed by USA Blackwater” written on them, referring to the bloodshed seen in city centres against innocent men, women and children with growing evidence reported in the Pakistani Media and news stations that US paramilitaries from private security firms like Blackwater and Dynacorp have had a hand behind them.

Dr.Muhammed Nawaz further highlighted the practical actions which Hizb ut-Tahrir has been undertaking to raise the political issues, expose the political plans and mobilise the efforts of concerned people against America’s plans in Pakistan. He concluded for the need for all to commit to this effort to remove Zardari, save Pakistan and work for replacing the regime with a Khilafah state which will act as an independent State and not bow down to imperial designs.

Protestors marched around various busy spots in Bradford to mosques, local cash and carries, Market areas and Bazaars. Banners, maps, posters were displayed to highlight the result of America’s intervention in the region with key messages to mobilise people behind the Save Pakistan campaign.

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