VIDEO- Attacks in Pakistan: What are the Pakistani youth saying?

The recent events in Pakistan of bombings and attacks  have been reported by many media outlets who have churned out the usual spin in their coverage, blaming everything on the ‘enemy inside’.

The following video highlights grass roots views of the youth in Pakistan as to how they feel about the situation with recent polls stating that 3 out of 5 pakistanis feel that America is more of a threat than the taliban.


  1. These b******s are in denial.

    No one would question the terrorist breeding ground that Pakistan has been for past few decades…. no one would question harbouring of the terrorists…..
    no one would question the policy of using terrorists as tools of Foreign policy…

    All they would say is, America Israel and India are the only problems.

    • majedsblog says:

      Is anyone questioning the link of India with Israel, a rogue state, possessing weapons of mass destruction, and a threat to regional stability in the middle East???

      Is anyone questioning state terrorism of leading western states who are enforcing their political agendas and imposing their ideals on foreign countries????

      I guess its quite its easy to scapegoat Pakistan for world issues and problems whilst turning a blind eye to the many horrors which are stare us in our faces…..

  2. Youth Revolt says:

    this is the opinion of the pakistani youth.

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