US Special Envoy to Pakistan- “We will help with reconstruction and victims of militancy”

By Majed Iqbal- In his current tour of Pakistan, US Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke visited Swat and expressed satisfaction over the achievements secured by Pakistan military in Operation Rah-e-Rast in Malakand Division.

Despite the Pakistani army fighting a US sponsored war to achieve American objectives which has led to the country on the brink of collapse and civil war, Holbrooke and the American administration are simply not happy enough.

Talking to local Nazmeen and a delegation of Hotel Association, Holbrooke said his government would not leave Pakistan alone at this critical juncture and help it in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the victims of militancy.

Similar words were echoed about Iraq in 2003, yet Iraq today stands far worse than it did under the tyrannical and brutal dictatorship of Saddam. An American sponsored program for Pakistan has done little so far for the country and has made corruption, an un-accountable government, espionage and a population fearing going out in public the norm. On top of this America is still adamant on blaming militancy as THE cause for all the problems in Pakistan, absolving themselves off any wrong doing with their hegmonistic designs for the region titled as the ‘Af-Pak’ Strategy

The political turmoil in Pakistan which has seen a wave of violence plague the country has been directly linked to blatant interference by United States in Pakistani politics. US ambassador Anne W. Patterson has been personally involved in meeting politicians in private houses recently to rally support for US-installed President Zardari.

Only last December did Patterson promise that the US Government will support $55 million for infrastructure, rehabilitation and construction program in South Waziristan and in return and under Ms. Patterson’s guidance, US Consul Generals and other diplomats posted in Pakistan have been taking  turns rotatingly to issue over-hyped and irresponsible press statements claiming without evidence that Pakistan is sheltering al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

Last month, this a leading Pakistani think tank, Ahmed Quraishi on his website revealed that a handful of federal Interior Ministry officials were bribed over US$250,000 to issue illegal arms permits in a case that Ms. Patterson was personally involved in.

The close links of many Pakistani government officials only leads us to conclude that the American role in Pakistan is not altruistic and the plans are much wider than ‘helping’ a nation fight militancy- a militancy which itself which has been played around and added to by America through its notorious private military company, Blackwater or now known as xe services.


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