By Poet 786

Look at them, asking you “Whose side are you on?”
Giving you their options, forcing you to choose one
Knowing full well, either way only they’ve won

Are you with them or with the terrorists?
You can’t choose Islam, it doesn’t exist
They want you to give in, you can’t resist

Do you disagree with man made conflict?
Do you hate the murders they commit?
On the fence, do you still want to sit?

They push you to make a terrible choice
They want to silence the Muslim voice
So that you join them and they rejoice

You remind yourself not to sell your soul
You tread carefully not falling into the hole
Walking the straight & narrow, fulfilling your role

Speaking for justice, condemning barbarism
Becoming a voice against State- terrorism
You choose your path away from extremism

Creating another option, you choose the third way
Between them and the terrorists as others sway
With Allah & His Rasool your loyalty will always stay


  1. Wow…such a strong poem…it reminded me of what the singer Janis Joplin said “Don’t compromise yourself…it’s all you got!”..Kudos!

  2. shuaib mohammed says:

    Slm akhi,just 2 let you know that mashallah d poem was gOod and spot on, also bro I forwarded it on via text, hope u don’t mind, ma slm


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