ASIAN NEWS- Documentary will look at how Muslims view the election

A Rochdale blogger wants to hear your views on the up-coming general elections. Community activist Majed Iqbal wants to know how the local Muslim community views the current elections for his documentary, To Vote or Not to Vote.

It will give people the chance to talk about how they feel about voting, the political parties and the candidates.

Said Majed: “I felt it was important to reflect the views of the Muslim community as it can often get ignored.

“I want to understand what the election means to them, if people know about the policies of each party, how they feel their chosen party will help them.

“But I want to also look at why people do not vote and what are the alternatives if people don’t go to the poll.

“If people don’t want to get involved in the British political system, what other systems are available to them?

“We know that grass root work from the local community can make as much of a difference as when politicians get involved, you only have to look at the government’s Prevent strategy which was scrutinised mainly because local people, not politicians got involved to get authorities to look at the programme!”

As well as interviewing local residents Majed also hopes to speak to all the four candidates in Rochdale.

He added: “I want to know the Muslim community are going to vote and what their main concerns are and if those concerns are any different to the mainstream community.”

Majed will be filming over the next two weeks. If you want your views heard you can contact Majed through his Facebook page by clicking on this link:


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