VIDEO BLOG CAMPAIGN- “To vote or Not to Vote?”

General Election 2010: poll and TV debate analysis

By Majed Iqbal- A new campaign will be launched today which will explore the big Questions on voting in this years Elections. Already being dubbed as the most important and closest of elections in decades, huge emphasis has been attached to getting out and voting by all parties.

This comes in the midst of a year of turmoil in British Politics where we have seen the MP expenses scandals, Cash for Questions in Parliament, High profile businessman ‘donating’ millions of pounds to selected parties for favours on election and a general distrust amongst the public in the Political process where they feel Politicians cannot be trusted.  A new report has second these concerns stating that over 43% of the British population simply do not vote at all.

There has been a huge influx of views in the last weeks on the Muslim Vote with Scholars declaring that it is in some cases an Islamic Obligation to vote.

Where does the Muslim community stand on this? What are the interest that need to be protected and worked for? Is voting the only way to achieve these interests in a muslim community? What happens if you don not vote?

Majeds Blog will be producing a 2 part documentary to explore these views from the General Public and gain a grass-roots feeling of peoples views on Elections 2010.

If you wish to participate in the documentary and present your views, simply place a request on the Contact page above or visit the Facebook Group on the link below

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