By Poet 786

No matter what you call me, I am a Muslim.
Please don’t define me based on your whim
For my belief defines my identity
I belong to a Deen of purity

I am a Muslim.

You ban the niqab and call my sisters extremist
You murder my brothers and call me a terrorist
You want me to compromise
Yet you refuse to realise

I am a Muslim.

You call me British but do I look confused
You insult my Prophet, I am not amused
You offer me a moderate Islam
Yet I stay away from haraam

I am a Muslim.

You attempt to label me based on colour and land
You question me for which flag would I like to stand
You want me to erase La’illaha’illAllah
Yet I salute the flag of Shahadhah

I am a Muslim.

You wish to control my future without my history
You teach me to forget the black banners of victory
You tell me your present stories
Yet I know my past glories

I am a Muslim.

You ban me, arrest me, torture me, without success
Refusing to accept your failure, you try to re-assess
Ultimately you decide to kill me yet I live
Forever I beat in the hearts that believe

I am a Muslim.

And who is better than the one who says
‘My Lord is Allah’
and then stands upright and does righteous deeds and says
‘I am one of the Muslims’

(Surah Al-Fussilat, v33)



  1. You once again address something that people need to understand …that what they deem reasonable is not reasonable given what the other person believes…and you provide an explanation for why certain actions have been taken…question of course is…Is anyone listening? Another excellent poem.

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