Israeli attack on Gaza Peace Convoy- What can Muslims do?

By Majed Iqbal- The unfortunate news this morning of the Israeli attack on the Gaza peace convoy, once again has come across as a shock internationally, much like the December attack in 2008 on Gaza.

–          All Politicians must openly condemn these heinous acts against a peaceful convoy

–          The British Government must take active steps to question the Israeli Ambassador in London on these events

–          The Muslim community must voice its concern over the duplicity of Western Governments support for a rogue state, which is a threat to regional stability and its Arab neighbors

–          The United Nations must be questioned as to why a case of War crimes has not been filed against Israel despite open violations of International law and an active policy of ethnic cleansing?

–          Western Governments must be taken to task on their definitions of terrorism and not limit their uses to suit their international political interests and objectives and should openly include Israel’s murderous legacy in this too

–          Western Press, News Channels and Politicians should be questioned on their terminology and historical references to this conflict in their coverage and interviews of this event

–          The Muslim community demand that the Arab regimes sever  their Political, Economic, Military and Diplomatic relations with the Israeli State and for once side with their own populations who have openly championed for decades for their countries to punish  Israel

–          The Muslim community demand that the Muslim Governments must not mount pressure with words but with actions that will make the Israeli state think twice before following this course again in the future

–          The Muslim community will work with the wider community and engage actively to create support for the Gazan’s and educate all about the history of the occupation of Palestine, Jordan and Egypt by the Israeli Regime

–          The Muslim community strongly re-iterate that Zionism and Judaism are two separate issues which must not be confused. We are against Zionism, NOT Judaism. No hate crimes will be tolerated against Jewish communities residing in our areas

–          The Muslim community call for the Arab armies to aid their brothers and sisters in this convoy with every possible effort and to send a strong message to Israel by bringing the armies close to the Israeli border, surrounding it, and mounting pressure on a united front.

–          The Muslim community have experiences from similar events from December 2008 and will not be led to using their energies down routes which lead to nothing in the end except a few weeks of activities and then forgetting the issues for months to come.

–          The Muslim community will NOT tolerate the Muslim communities mobilizing on this issue being tarnished with labels of extremism as was referenced by the former Home secretary, Jacqui Smith in January 2009 in light of the Prevention for violent Extremism (PVE) agenda.

–          The Muslim community will act in the capacity as being part of a Global Ummah and will not be co-erced into following a British line on these events which pacify the people from taken positive action against a rogue state.

–          The Muslim community will actively join hand with the activities of the rest of the Muslim Ummah in condemning these atrocities and be part of a Global movement for change calling for the resumption of the Khilafah State that will be the only real government that will act on the basis of Islam for these events

–          The Muslim community will protest using Islamic Politics as their basis for action and not pragmatic activities and calls for minor changes.

–          Islam is the source of our thinking and our actions and references to the solution for these events must comply with the Holy Book, Al Quran –al Kareem and the Prophetic Guidance of the Holy Messenger (Peace be upon him), his Sunnah. All other calls will be null and void where this is absent


  1. Salam,

    Jzk for the article, mash’Allah, well written, concise, comprehensive and succint! Was much needed, it’s important that we share this around because people are exhorting their efforts where it’s not needed. If anyone here has facebook, please put it up on your ‘Note’ and tag as many friends as you can, or you can also use other social networking tools like twitter bebo etc im not familiar with anything else other than facebook and hotmail!

    It would be helpful if anyone can write up a sample letter to send to the embassies like egypt etc to request for military action, unfortunately my linguistic skills are very poor! so if anyone is free to type one up so we can all collectively take action together, that would be fab!



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