POEM- Rajab 2010

By Poet 786-

A revolution started by one man with one word
Spread globally to mankind without one sword

For years in our hearts it had stayed
An idea that can no longer be delayed

How can it be stopped when it’s time has arrived
When the attacks of brutal tyrants it has survived

How for many years all thought it was out of sight
Only those who realised the darkness saw it’s light

They felt from Al Hind the promised breeze
Hence they faced torture & death with ease

Farhad Usmanov reminding us of the Sahabah
Brother saw Jannah in the work for Khilafah

Standing upto the leaders working for Shaytan
Heart & mind shining with forty times the Iman

Accounting every tyrant, shaking his throne
Showing them all Khilafah on the horizon

Challenging them with the promise of Allah
“Khilafah Al Rashidah Minhaj An-Nabuwah”

Setting an example, reminding us of the conquest of Makkah
Making way for the loudest call to be heard from Jakarta

Takbeers to be heard from Bangladesh and Pakistan
Khilafah shall be a gobal discussion in the heart of Lebanon

The call will be heard from East to West
No matter how much the enemies detest

Muslims of America having a vision of the Islamic State
Whilst in Britain the Ummah foresees the Caliphate

Soon inshaAllah a Superpower shall emerge as the candle in the night
The world shall see a new dawn, taking it from darkness into the light

Islam will enter every house made out of mud or clay
The prophecy of Muhammad(s) no one can delay

“… then there will be a Khilafah on the method of Prophethood and it will prevail…” [Musnad Imam Ahmad]


  1. …Inshaallah.

    Good piece, may Allah reward you with Good for your efforts. *thumbs up*

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